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WINNER - 공허해 (Empty) Acapella version

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I think we as fans need to place ourselves in GD’s shoes for a moment to really understand where his frustration is coming from.

He has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years, 8 of which were with Big Bang. Even before the moment of their debut, he has been watched like a hawk for the…

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My Exclusive Interview With BTS In BerlinPlease do not Crop/Edit and Credit ALL ImagesCredit to: MCMBuzz.com (FB Gallery HERE)Photographer: Kpopkimi - @_BrokenHeartz


My Exclusive Interview With BTS In Berlin
Please do not Crop/Edit and Credit ALL Images
Credit to: MCMBuzz.com (FB Gallery HERE)
Photographer: Kpopkimi - @_BrokenHeartz

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정국이랑 닮은거 같지 않나여 아님말고.. pic.twitter.com/D2fzRGDVD8

Don’t I look like JungkookieOr not..

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정국이랑 닮은거 같지 않나여 아님말고..

Don’t I look like Jungkookie
Or not..

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와우!!!!!!!! 오늘 스웨덴 공연!!!! 보러 와주신 많은 팬 여러분들 정말 감사합니다!!!!!! 사랑해요~~~ 아!!!! 그리고 컴백 !!! 다들 기대 기대 하시라~~ 으핫 떨려! <@_@>

Wow!!!! Thank you so much to!! the many fans who came to watch today’s performance in Sweden!!!! I love you~~~ Ah !!!!! Also the comeback!!! Everyone look forward look forward to it~~ Euha I’m nervous! <@_@>

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Sad Black &amp; White Blog
*Trigger Warning*


Sad Black & White Blog

*Trigger Warning*

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"Why live in a judgmental planet. Why cant I just cut my neck. Why are people so bad and why cant they understand. This all sucks, i would try suicide but i think i have a fucking coward in me. Only music can separate me from horrible reality."

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"Your family doesn’t know how deep your depression is, until you kill yourself."

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With the KPOP fandom itself growing continuously everyday, idols schedules have become more and more booked with overseas activities. Sure this is a plus for most of us who do not live in Korea because we get to meet our beloved idols, but it is also very very worrisome. Why?

Some people simply do not understand that although idols are idols, they are also human beings. They want and deserve their own privacy, their own rights. Some of you may be thinking “well hahah they should have known! this is what idols signed up for”. Well, sure, but that does not completely strip them away from their freedom and right of privacy. They didn’t signed up to be mauled and stalked by fans, they signed up to do what they dreamed of doing, of making fans like you and I happy with their music. How many of you would like it if someone was constantly watching you, taking of pictures of you even when you were at your lowest and your worst state? Many of you, without a doubt, would be livid about it. 

So here are some do’s and don’t’s! There are plenty more, but these need to be understood a little more:

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